Tiny Code Christmas - Day 12

Welcome to Day 12, the final day of Tiny Code Christmas! Thanks you all so much for taking part. Please keep in touch! If you’re just joining us don’t forget to check out the overview, and start at Day 1! You can start whenever you like, there are no deadlines!

Today’s challenge is to build a voxel christmas tree with as much extra stuff crammed in as possible, but if you can also just build an awesome Christmas scene using some of the effects and techniques you’ve learned over the last 12 days!

If you’re following along on PICO-8, you will need the full version to meet some of the size challenges today.

The Challenge: Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree!

The first challenge is to create a voxel christmas tree that rotates around the y-axis, What other effects can you add? Landscape? Snow?

You can check out our Day 11 video above for an overview of the challenge, but there’s no code samples today! If you’ve made it this far, you possess the knowledge within you!

An Example of a Day 12 Christmas Tree with plenty of room for additions!
An Example of a Day 12 Christmas Tree with plenty of room for additions!

The second challenge is to keep your effect at a maximum of 256 BYTES! We are on to the compressed file formats now so lets see how many extra bytes we can squeeze in!

The Expert Challenge

These expert challenges will push your sizecoding knowledge to the limit! Don’t forget to check out our previous Expert Challenges!

  • We’re cooking something up, check back shortly or check the discord!

Sharing is Caring!

If you feel like it, why not share what you’ve done with us on the LoveByte Discord, #lovebyte on IRCnet, or share on Twitter and Mastodon using the hashtag #lovebytetcc