Tiny Code Christmas - Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Tiny Code Christmas! If you’re just joining us don’t forget to check out the overview, and start at Day 1! You can start whenever you like, there are no deadlines!

Thank you all for the huge response to Tiny Code Christmas and for your participation in Day 1!

Today we’re going to look at time, an essential component in all of the effects we will be making from now on. Yesterday our scene was fairly static, we put some shapes on the screen to make a scene, but with a little bit of time we can add animation to our scene.

The Challenge: Snow time() Like The Present!

The first challenge is to add animated snow to your scene! You can draw circles or individual pixels as snow, you can use the time value to animate them, but you have approach this from a sizecoding point of view. You can check out the documentation (TIC-80 and PICO-8) or take a look at our Day 2 video above for a brief history of time and to get set up with some snow, but you’ll have to add the magic to make it fall!

An Example of the Day 2 Challenge completed with TIC-80
An Example of the Day 2 Challenge completed with TIC-80!

If you already made it snow yesterday: Congratulations! Check the technique in the video and see if it’s smaller than your implementation, as an additional challenge adjust your scene so that the snow gets heavier with time and/or accumulates on the ground!

The second challenge is to keep your entire scene at a maximum of 256 characters. You might have to make a trade-off to see what gets to stay, snow or your Christmas tree decorations!

The Expert Challenge!

These expert challenges will push your sizecoding knowledge to the limit!

  • centered tree with ragged edges
  • blue background
  • red/brown trunk
  • 64 characters or less!
  • animated snow

Day 1 Expert Challenge completed by Superogue

Sharing is Caring!

If you feel like it, why not share what you’ve done with us on the LoveByte Discord, #lovebyte on IRCnet, or share on Twitter and Mastodon using the hashtag #lovebytetcc