Tiny Code Christmas - Day 7

Welcome to Day 7 of Tiny Code Christmas! If you’re just joining us don’t forget to check out the overview, and start at Day 1! You can start whenever you like, there are no deadlines!

There is no challenge specific video today, instead we have a video filled with general sizecoding tips and tricks! The video will be available on Sunday at 9am GMT!

The Challenge: Mix and Match!

The first challenge is to combine some of the techniques you have learned over the week into an effect! Playing around with mixing different effects is a great way to spark creativity! You could combine your Day 2 scene with a scroller to create an animated Christmas Card or go hard and great a xor-plasma-tunnel-scroller-christmas-tree!

Our Day 7 video above is about general sizecoding tips and tricks that may help you, but it’s not necessary so you can even start early!

The second challenge is to keep your effect at a maximum of 256 characters.

The Expert Challenge

These is no expert challenge today other than to push yourself to the limit, or take it easy, it is Sunday after all!

Sharing is Caring!

If you feel like it, why not share what you’ve done with us on the LoveByte Discord, #lovebyte on IRCnet, or share on Twitter and Mastodon using the hashtag #lovebytetcc